March 21st, 2016

The 2015 winter solstice was/would have been Winterwind's 12 year anniversary. The first 10 years had a few highs, a few more lows, were largely done for other people, and, ultimately, proved to be rather thankless and unfulfilling.

To be absolutely clear I have the utmost appreciation of, and respect for, the contributors, the people who simply said "Hey, I've written this piece. Would you like it?". Almost without fail though, almost every single person that accepted the invite, or appointed themselves, to "the team" demonstrated what I can only label a lack of courtesy and respect towards the contributors and each other for that matter. That is what soured Winterwind for me.

The last two years the site has been in hiatus though I've continued paying the hosting costs. That was unfulfilling too so... Here we are, spring equinox 2016 and all that and maybe it's time to do something with the site again, and maybe this time I'll do it for myself.

So... um... stay tuned.

Joseph Avery-North

December 21st, 2013

Today is Winterwind's Ten Year Anniversary. Yay for Winterwind! We've had some highs and lows and some long pauses here and there but it's ten years today that we've been online.

To mark this event we have six pieces today for your enjoyment. Emily Thorburn examines the confused feminist message in Lily Allen's "Hard Over Here" track. Amy Van De Casteele takes a look at the dark nature of the work of Ed and Lorraine Warren. Jon Arnold gives us his reasons why he finds Best Of and Year End lists to be really rather useless. Both William LJ Galaini and Nathan Frederick Garden return with the latest entries in their respective columns, Gamer on a Budget and The Fitba and our Assistant Editor, Michael S. Collins treats us to a short story that has us visiting Séance Booth Four.

Since our re-launch in the summer we've been on something of a lovely roll, publishing more in the past six months than we have in the past two years and we look forward to bringing you more in the future.

So please, read, enjoy, like, share, tweet... and tell your friends!

Also, as always, we are looking for submissions and contributions. Articles, reviews, artwork, photography, anything that fits under our umbrella of arts, pop culture and social issues. Submissions can be sent to:


We had hoped to have the ezine re-coded and ready to go for this special event. Unfortunately... well, the chap that was supposed to do that didn't and disappeared on us... such is the way of things sometimes but we soldier on. Still... ten years... wow.


The Winterwind Team

Issue 19 of the Winterwind Papers

Welcome to the 19th Issue of the Winterwind Papers:

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The Winterwind Papers Issue 19